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A Cookie for All

As of March 2020, COVID-19 related global lockdowns, social distancing measures, and quarantines have become our daily norm. Since then, we have thought a lot about what to do as a design studio to give even just thirty seconds of happiness to people stuck at home. As we are rediscovering many rituals that we have forgotten, including baking, the team at Nichetto Studio designed a new cookie shape to offer to all! Inspired by the Italian “tagliere”, or wood cutting board, the cookie symbolises the act of sharing, as well as providing for ease of dunking the cookie in jams, Nutella and spreads of one’s choice.  Accompanying roller with pattern reference of Merletto (lace) of Burano fully takes advantage of opportunities provided by a 3D printing technology. To join us in this cookie making adventure, CLICK HERE to download our Burano-style cookie recipe, alongside the 3D CAD files of the cookie cutter and roller. You can share these STL files with your local 3D Printing vendor for printing. We’d love to see how your cookies turn out, so please share pictures of your Nichetto Cookies with us on Instagram at @nichettostudio or @lucanichetto, tag them with #nichettostudiocookies, or email us at info@nichettostudio.com. A cookie for all! Un biscotto per tutti!


Project Details

Cookie Toolkit
Cookie Dough Cutter and Roller
A Cookie for Everyone
Be together, have fun
3D Printing
Cutter W4.6 x D8.1 x H3 cm; Roller W13 x D2.8 cm x H2.8 cm
Nichetto Studio
Italy / Sweden
Nichetto Studio