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In 2006 Luca Nichetto founded a multidisciplinary design studio in Venice, Italy, which specialised in industrial design, product design and design consultancy. From the very beginning, this studio collaborated with a number of different brands and organisations, quickly expanding its influence far beyond Venice and Italy’s borders. Five years later, in 2011, Nichetto opened a second studio in Stockholm, Sweden. This practice was founded in response to an ever growing number of requests for collaboration from international companies, with the studio’s work also broadening out from its initial focus on designed objects. Nichetto Studio has since expanded into areas such as interior design and architecture.

Today, Nichetto Studio works with a variety of brands and clients from all around the world, and its expertise is sought out across all design disciplines. A deep passion for, and knowledge of, industrial and craft manufacturing processes runs through every aspect of the studio’s work. Nichetto Studio's projects abound in carefully selected cultural references and a keen attention to detail. The practice's unique position within both Scandinavian and Italian design culture has given Nichetto Studio worldwide recognition. Appreciation of its work extends far beyond the confines of the design industry.


Luca Nichetto was born in 1976 in Venice. He studied at the city’s Istituto statale d’arte, before undertaking a degree in industrial design at the Università Iuav di Venezia, from which he graduated in 1998. In 1999, Nichetto began his professional career with Murano-based glass maker Salviati, later becoming a product designer and consultant for lighting company Foscarini. In 2006, he founded his eponymous practice in Venice. In 2011 he moved to Stockholm, Sweden, to open a second studio and he continues to live in and work from this city. Over the course of his career, Nichetto has served as art director for many international design brands and he has developed an in-depth knowledge of the design industry.

He has lectured and led workshops at various universities, including serving as a professor of design at the Università Iuav di Venezia, as well as sitting on juries for assorted international design competitions. Nichetto’s work has been exhibited worldwide and has been the subject of retrospectives in cities such as Venice, London, Paris and Stockholm. He has been awarded numerous international design awards for his highly researched, innovative design projects, which range across products, furniture and accessories, as well as incorporating architecture and exhibition design.

Francesco Dompieri

Francesco Dompieri was born in Treviso, in the Veneto region of Italy. After obtaining a Liceo Scientifico diploma, Dompieri studied design at the Università Iuav di Venezia (IUAV), graduating in 2006 with a first-class degree, before going on to acquire an MA in Product Design from the same university. After graduation, Dompieri worked as a concept development and 3D-modeler, first for Studio Random in Rome and then for Studio B8 in Udine.

At the exhibition Made in IUAV at the 2008 Venice Biennale, Dompieri presented a series of table accessories that he designed in collaboration with IUAV and the leading Murano glassware brand Venini. Dompieri has worked with Luca Nichetto since 2007, and became a partner at Nichetto Studio in 2011. Previously, Dompieri and Nichetto had tutored at IUAV, where they taught students the fundamentals of 3D design. Today, Dompieri works primarily on Nichetto Studio’s product design projects, overseeing product development.

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“Working with Nichetto Studio showed us that the impossible is always possible, it just takes time to achieve.”
Anders Englund – Design Manager, OFFECCT
“Working with Luca Nichetto was seriously inspiring, highly efficient and a great pleasure. He is an extraordinary professional!”
Dick Splerenburg – Creative Consultant, IMM Cologne
“We are building the only lifestyle brand in China. To accomplish this, we needed to work with the best designer.”
Shu Wei – CEO, Zaozuo
“Luca has genuine warmth and huge personality, as well as a connection to Italy’s design history and contemporary design scene.”
Luis De Oliveira – CEO, De La Espada
“The piece Luca designed for us was sensitive enough to be a stand-alone craft object, but with the potential of a mass-produced product.”
John Baker – Owner, MJÖLK
“Working with Luca was amazing. In less than four months, he made us the most beautiful showroom. We formed a special friendship.”
Terence Yeung and Jessica Tian – Founders, Tales
“Luca impressed us because he presented facts, not promises. He showed that he had understood Cassina.”
Gianluca Armento – Brand Director, Cassina
“I am truly impressed by the designers working at Nichetto Studio. Each one possesses amazing skill, yet they collaborate like a family.”
Oki Sato – Founder, Nendo
“Luca and I have had some very interesting collaborations. His love of multiculturalism leads him to design in an extremely layered way.”
Patrizia Moroso – Creative Director, Moroso
“Luca's history has followed a parallel path to Foscarini. He has always shown a strong interest in the search for new materials.”
Carlo Urbinati – President, Foscarini
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